Maciek - Kielce - English version


My name is Maciek. I'm from Kielce. I grew up in a catholic family, which is very common in Poland. It was a traditional catholic family, that means - if I may say so - only mildly following God's commandments and laws. I had believed in God since childhood, but I was never close to Him. Like most boys of my age, I rarely went to church.
In April and May of 2006 I was in the Children's Hospital in Kielce because of the illness of my little son. It happened that I was in the hallway and just noticed a little table on which there were some books. I got closer and saw that they were Bibles. Not wasting any time I took one in my hand. I thought that Bibles were there only for patients and medical staff and that they were the property of the hospital. I looked around and when nobody was watching I stole one. Much later I discovered that I had "stolen" a Bible that was free to take. Next, to tell the truth, I just read a few verses and put it away somewhere at home. However, every time I travelled, I took it with me. Sometimes, I read it occasionally but I understood very little of it.

After a few years (in 2010) I was in England, where I met my friend - Andrew, who had already been reading the Bible for six months. He had received one as a present. He was the first person who slowly started to show me what and how to read this book. After a few conversations with Andrew I started to read the Bible more carefully and with better understanding. Then I began to feel hungry for the Word of God, which slowly had started to work in me. At that time we listened to sermons on the internet. As a result of all of this I gave my life to Jesus.

Some time later I came back to Poland for a wedding of my friend in the city of Chelm. After the wedding reception we went to a protestant service, where I could hear the Word of God. After a while, I decided not to go back to England but to stay permanently in Kielce. I started to look for a Church where the Word of God was preached. One day I happened to be walking by the Church of Evangelical Christians (KChWE) and I just walked in. After the service someone from the church talked to me, prayed for me and blessed me, so I stayed there for good. In September of 2010 I was baptized in this church. After some time I brought my friend, Peter, to church. He wants to get baptized, too.

Finally, I can only encourage everybody to seriously study the Bible, because the Word of God contained there changes people and their lives, the same way it changed mine. I have a desire to be a better person for Jesus, to change my character and to share the Gospel with others - for example, helping Gideon's with Bible distributions.
I would like to finish my testimony with following verse from 2 Epistle of Paul to Timothy 3:15,16. (...)

the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,

Kielce 21.12.2010 r.